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[libvirt] libvir: Domain error <domName>: invalid argument in virDomainGetXMLDesc


I just downloaded and installed libvirt-bin and this is my first email to the group, so I apologize in advance if my questions are too naive!

So, I am trying to access VMs running on xen3.2 hypervisor (host with kernel 2.6.24-24-xen) using virt-manager installed on a machine running Ubuntu 9.04 (client machine). I got to the point where I can connect to my virtual machine and my domain-0 through the virt-manager client (meaning that I already have libvirt, ssh-askpass downloaded and the libvirtd and xend running on my host machine), and on the client machine I can view the window showing the statistics of CPU utilization of my domain-0 and user domain. The attachment shows a shapshot of the virt-manager on my client machine.

Now when I try to access the GUI of either of domain-0 or the user domain (by selecting the specific domain and clicking open) I get the following error message in a pop-up on my client and in the libvirtd console on the host:

"libvir: Domain error xen_2: invalid argument in virDomainGetXMLDesc"

I tried to Google this error, but I don't find any clear answers. It seems to be a bug in the libvirt implementation that has been detected and resolved already. And I am confused as to why is it that such a recent version is still buggy? Should I have downloded another version instead?  I desperately wish to resolve this problem and would appreciate any guidance.

Many thanks!
Priya Bhat

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