[libvirt] Bringing up LXC container from virsh command prompt.

Kumar L Srikanth-B22348 B22348 at freescale.com
Thu Mar 4 09:55:18 UTC 2010

Hi Daniel,
I am able to get the 'ifconfig' details in any one of the following 2
1. If I execute '/sbin/ifconfig'
2. If I include '/sbin' in the PATH environment variable.

But, the result of ifconfig is showing all the IP's available in the
host machine (The same result when I execute ifconfig in the host).
When I execute the ifconfig in the Linux Container command
prompt(through the command lxc-start -n fedora12 /bin/bash), I am
getting the IP which I was assigned while creating the container. 
But, the same IP is not getting when I execute the ifconfig in the virsh
command prompt(through the command virsh -c lxc:/// console vm1_fedora).


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On Thu, Mar 04, 2010 at 11:54:18AM +0530, Kumar L Srikanth-B22348 wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to libvirt virsh console.
> Currently I am working on Linux Containers(LXC). After lot of 
> exploration, I am able to create a Linux Container(fedora12) with the 
> help of lxc-tools(lxc-create, lxc-start, ...etc). I am able to start 
> that container and use it's console. I am able to assign an IP address

> to the container, by creating a bridge in the host machine and 
> assigning it to the container.
> Here, my goal is to bring up this container(fedora12) through libvirt 
> virsh command prompt. For that I created a domain with the following 
> file:
> [vm1_fedora_container.xml]
> <domain type='lxc' id='1'>
>   <name>vm1_fedora</name>
>     <memory>500000</memory>
>       <os>
>           <type>exe</type>
>           <init>/bin/bash</init>
>       </os>
>       <vcpu>1</vcpu>
>       <clock offset='utc'/>
>       <on_poweroff>destroy</on_poweroff>
>       <on_reboot>restart</on_reboot>
>       <on_crash>destroy</on_crash>
>       <devices>
>         <emulator>/usr/libexec/libvirt_lxc</emulator>      
>         <filesystem type='mount'>
>           <source dir='/root/lxc/fedora12'/>    /*This is the rootfs
> directory for my linux container(fedora12)*/
>           <target dir='/'/>  /* I mounted it to '/' directory in the 
> Domain. */
>         </filesystem>
> <console type='pty' />
>       </devices>
> </domain>
> I executed the following virsh commands:
> # virsh --connect lxc:/// define vm1_fedora_container.xml Domain 
> vm1_fedora defined from /root/lxc_devel/fedora.xml
> # virsh --connect lxc:/// list --all
>  Id Name                 State
> ----------------------------------
>   - vm1_fedora           shut off
> # virsh --connect lxc:/// start vm1_fedora Domain vm1_fedora started
> # virsh --connect lxc:/// list --all
>  Id Name                 State
> ----------------------------------
> 7805 vm1_fedora           running
> # virsh --connect lxc:/// console vm1_fedora Connected to domain 
> vm1_fedora Escape character is ^] [root at localhost /]#
> I am able to view the console of my container(fedora12), but when I
> execute 'ifconfig' in that console, I am getting the following error:
> bash: ifconfig: command not found

The obvious question is whther ifconfig is installed inside your virtual
root filesystem, and whether $PATH is set correctly tobe able to fnid

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