[libvirt] [PATCH] Add TCK script for verifying disk based storage pools

Jim Meyering jim at meyering.net
Thu Mar 4 10:25:03 UTC 2010

Eric Blake wrote:
>> +# List of host block devices that the test suite can trash all
>> +# data on, for purposes of testing. You have been warned !
> Indeed!

The intrepid souls who run these tests might appreciate a crosscheck.
Let them specify more than just a block device name, where it's
way too easy to introduce a typo and clobber something important.

Potential crosscheck-able data:
  - device size
  - device "model"
Both are reported by parted -s $device.

In clobbering a device via Parted's test suite, I require a
<device_name,size> pair.  Then, when I clobber things on my 1 or 2GB
USB key, there's no risk I'll accidentally destroy data on "real" disks,
since the real ones are all far larger.

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