[libvirt] [PATCH 0/5] build: use C99 varargs

Matthias Bolte matthias.bolte at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 8 12:58:24 UTC 2010

2010/3/2 Daniel Veillard <veillard at redhat.com>:
> On Mon, Mar 01, 2010 at 04:38:27PM -0700, Eric Blake wrote:
>> Here's the full cleanup, based on my earlier RFC.  I've tested
>> that everything still builds and passes 'make syntax-check'.
>> This is broken out in chunks, although whoever ends up pushing
>> may want to squash it all into one.

>  ACK to the series, looks fine to me, but let's push that after 0.7.7
> is out,
>  thanks !
> Daniel


I've merged the 5 patches into one and pushed the result.


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