[libvirt] libvirt modifying iptables rules

Felix Schwarz felix.schwarz at oss.schwarz.eu
Mon Mar 8 22:02:49 UTC 2010

Am 07.03.2010 15:09, schrieb Varrun Ramani:
> I am right now undertaking a project which deals with verification of
> firewall rules. I wish to know which applications/libraries modify/query
> firewall rules. I came to know that libvirt modifies iptables rules. Can
> anyone let me know for what purposes/how libvirt modifies the rules?

I suggest you look through the archives, the topic comes up pretty regularly.

Bottom line:
- It should 'just work' for most users.
- iptables modification are considered safe, more complex setups are out of
   scope for libvirt.

example thread (with patch to disable iptables)


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