[libvirt] XenAPI remote storage - target path

Sharadha Prabhakar (3P) sharadha.prabhakar at citrix.com
Tue Mar 16 10:16:05 UTC 2010

I'm trying to write a Remote Storage driver for XenAPI.
I see that target-path is used for both storage pools and volumes.
In the case of XenAPI remote storage, the storage is not mounted on the
local host where libvirt is running. Storage is maintained in a remote location only.
In this case how do I specify target-path and how do I go about creating
a VM with storage using libvirt APIs with virsh and virt-manager. 
Virt-manager expects me to give an absolute path for target-path. But In my case
I don't have an absolute path. 
Can I have a target path like this for a particular storage volume
"/storage pool uuid/storage-vol uuid"? This will help me identify which storage pool is
Libvirt talking about and which volume in it. Using this information I can fetch data from
The remote location and give it back to libvirt. Is this approach
ok or does libvirt support my specific remote storage case in some way. Could someone
clarify please?

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