[libvirt] [Qemu-devel] Re: Supporting hypervisor specific APIs in libvirt

Avi Kivity avi at redhat.com
Wed Mar 24 05:17:26 UTC 2010

On 03/23/2010 08:00 PM, Avi Kivity wrote:
> On 03/23/2010 06:06 PM, Anthony Liguori wrote:
>>> I thought the monitor protocol *was* our API. If not, why not?
>> It is.  But our API is missing key components like guest 
>> enumeration.  So the fundamental topic here is, do we introduce these 
>> missing components to allow people to build directly to our interface 
>> or do we make use of the functionality that libvirt already provides 
>> if they can plumb our API directly to users.
> Guest enumeration is another API.
> Over the kvm call I suggested a qemu concentrator that would keep 
> track of all running qemus, and would hand out monitor connections to 
> users.  It can do the enumeration (likely using qmp).  Libvirt could 
> talk to that, like it does with other hypervisors.

To elaborate

   - daemonaizes itself
   - listens on /var/lib/qemud/guests for incoming guest connections
   - listens on /var/lib/qemud/clients for incoming client connections
   - filters access according to uid (SCM_CREDENTIALS)
   - can pass a new monitor to client (SCM_RIGHTS)
   - supports 'list' command to query running guests
   - async messages on guest startup/exit

   - with -qemud option, connects to qemud (or maybe automatically?)

   - command-line client, can access qemu human monitor

Do not meddle in the internals of kernels, for they are subtle and quick to panic.

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