[libvirt] error: internal error canonical hostname pointed to localhost, but this is not allowed

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Wed Mar 24 19:36:03 UTC 2010

On 03/24/2010 09:36 AM, Chris Lalancette wrote:
> On 03/23/2010 11:00 AM, Kenneth Nagin wrote:
>> Changing qemudDomainMigratePrepare2 call  to virGetHostnameLocalhost
>> from: if ((hostname = virGetHostnameLocalhost(0)) == NULL)
>> to: if ((hostname = virGetHostnameLocalhost(1)) == NULL)
>> seems to fix the problem.
>> But maybe this is only masking a another problem.
> Yeah, you are masking another problem.  The problem is that this portion
> of migration is running on the destination of the migration, and generating
> a string that the source of the migration will use to perform the migration.
> By passing the 1 flag to virGetHostnameLocalhost, you are allowing it to
> return "localhost" as the string.  This means that when the source tries
> to migrate, it will actually try to migrate to "localhost", not the
> destination, and fail in complicated-to-debug ways.
> The actual problem you have is that the "hostname" command on your
> machine is returning a string that resolves to localhost, probably because of
> a misconfiguration in /etc/hosts.

In this case, the destination is a host that the user already has a
valid remote libvirt URI for: maybe if 'hostname' doesn't work, we can
fallback to use the hostname portion of the remote URI? I can have a
static mapping in my local /etc/hosts for some remote machine without
'hostname' output.

- Cole

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