[libvirt] issues about Migrating with virsh and libvirt functions

wei ma wei.ma1222 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 09:54:19 UTC 2010

Hi everyone
i've been trying to migrate a domain from hostA to hostB.But everytime i did
it with
"virsh --live migrate <Domain> xen+ssh://root@Destination",
it failed and told me something like
"Error Domain not found:xenUnifiedDomainLookupByName".
The same thing happened when i tried to do the same thing with libvirt API
like virDomainMigrate & virDomainMigrateToURI.
i am confused about this.
So can anybody can tell me why?Thanks a lot.
BTW,the OS is CentOS 5.4 with libvirt 0.7.7 and Xen 3.4.0.
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