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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 6/6] Implement hotremove for SCSI disks

On 03/01/10 15:29, Wolfgang Mauerer wrote:
Gerd: Are you intending to add the drive_del feature, or is
the approach outlined above sufficient for drive hotplug/remove?

I'm busy with other tasks right now.

Respectively can there be any problems if we remove a device
associated with a disk and then re-create a drive/device pair
with the same IDs as before, but with a different configuration?

There are no problems with that, when it is gone from 'info block' all traces of the drive are gone and creating another one with the same name is not a problem.

For symmetry reasons it would be nice to have a drive_del command though and have device_del not implicitly zap the drive. The current scheme also fails to handle some corner cases like device_add failing (you are left with a drive you can't remove easily).


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