[libvirt] Startup/Shutdown scripts for KVM Machines in Debian (libvirt)

Osier Yang jyang at redhat.com
Wed Nov 10 09:14:16 UTC 2010

于 2010年11月10日 16:35, Avi Kivity 写道:
> On 11/10/2010 10:01 AM, Hermann Himmelbauer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I manage my KVM machines via libvirt and wonder if there are any init.d
>> scripts for automatically starting up and shutting down virtual machines
>> during boot/shutdown of the host?
>> Writing this for myself seems to be not that simple, as when shutting
>> down,
>> the system has somehow to wait until all machines are halted (not
>> responding
>> guests have to be destroyed etc.), and I don't really know how to
>> accomplish
>> this.
>> My host system is Debian Lenny, is there anything available?
>> Perhaps libvirt offers something I'm unaware of?
> I think it does. Copying the libvirt mailing list.

/etc/sysconfig/libvirt-guests, though not sure
if your libvirt version supports it.. perhaps
you need to update it..

- Osier

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