[libvirt] [v2] virsh: Categorize commands into groups for virsh help output

Osier Yang jyang at redhat.com
Mon Nov 29 13:44:45 UTC 2010

于 2010年11月29日 21:38, Justin Clift 写道:
> On 22/11/2010, at 8:38 PM, Osier Yang wrote:
>> Change the virsh help out. The new output of "virsh help" and
>> "virsh --help" will be like:
>> Secret (help keyword 'secret'):
>>     secret-define                  define or modify a secret from an XML file
>>     secret-dumpxml                 secret attributes in XML
>>     secret-set-value               set a secret value
>>     secret-get-value               Output a secret value
>>     secret-undefine                undefine a secret
>>     secret-list                    list secrets
> This is really good, and works nicely on Fedora 13 at least. :)
> Two things to mention:
>    1) The text "Virsh Itself" in the output.  The "itself" should have
>        a lower case "i".  It just looks weird otherwise, even in context
>        with the other commands. ;)
ah, right, will change.

>        Virsh Itself (help keyword 'virsh'):
>            cd                             change the current directory
>            echo                           echo arguments
>            exit                           quit this interactive terminal
>            help                           print help
>            pwd                            print the current directory
>            quit                           quit this interactive terminal
>    2) The sections themselves need to be ordered logically.  The
>        easy thought is "alphabetically", as everyone is familiar with
>        that order sequence.  Suitable for new users.  If there's a better
>        ordering though, we could use that.  The ordering in this v1 of
>        the patch at the moment doesn't look logically ordered?
>           Domain Management (help keyword 'domain'):
>           Domain Monitoring (help keyword 'monitor'):
>           Storage Pool (help keyword 'pool'):
>           Storage Volume (help keyword 'volume'):
>           Networking (help keyword 'network'):
>           Node Device (help keyword 'nodedev'):
>           Interface (help keyword 'interface'):
>           Network Filter (help keyword 'filter'):
>           Secret (help keyword 'secret'):
>           Snapshot (help keyword 'snapshot'):
>           Host and Hypervisor (help keyword 'host'):
>           Virsh Itself (help keyword 'virsh'):

I ordered them by importance, (high to low), e.g. "Virsh itself"
is at the bottom, does it make sense? :-)

- Osier
> Regards and best wishes,
> Justin Clift

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