[libvirt] Looking for Hypervisor Vulerability Example

Shi Jin jinzishuai at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 30 21:08:12 UTC 2010

Hi there,

I am researching on virtualization security and particularly on sVirt. 
>From this sVirt presentation[1] and this RHEL-6 documentation on sVirt [2], I read: 
 If there is a security flaw in the hypervisor that can be exploited by a guest instance, this guest may be able to not only attack the host, but also other guests running on that host. This is not theoretical; attacks already exist on hypervisors. These attacks can extend beyond the guest instance and could expose other guests to attack.

I am very interested to know about the exact attacks: which version of hypervisor on which OS, how was the exploit used and how it affected the systems.

I want to be able to reproduce one of the attacks in our lab so that I can demonstrate to people on the security issues and then how sVirt could be used to actually prevent to attacks on hosting system and other VMs. I believe a real demonstration is better than a million words.

I appreciate your help.


Shi Jin, PhD


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