[libvirt] [PATCH 0/4] RFC: grant KVM guests retain arbitrary capabilities

Taku Izumi izumi.taku at jp.fujitsu.com
Wed Dec 21 10:19:52 UTC 2011

Thank you for your comment.
> We could do with a feature like this for LXC too. Though I'd prefer
> the XML to be a little more concise. Perhaps
>     <process>
>        <cap_sys_rawio/>
>     </process>
> One potential concern is that the capability names are OS specific,
> so perhaps rather than allow them as element names, we should use
> string attribute values for them
>     <process>
>       <cap name='sys_rawio'/>
>     </process>

 I'll take in your idea.

> and declare the attribute values are potentially OS dependant, and
> then expose the list of allowed OS capabilities values in the capabilities
> XML.

 I plan on adding "process_capabilities" child element to "host" element of 
  the capabilities XML like the following:

  # virsh capabilities
      <cap name='chown'/>
      <cap name='dac_override'/>
      <cap name='dac_read_search'/>

 Is this what you mean?

Best regards, 
Taku Izumi <izumi.taku at jp.fujitsu.com>

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