[libvirt] virtio console: name=foo is not supported

MATSUDA, Daiki matsudadik at intellilink.co.jp
Mon Dec 12 01:18:23 UTC 2011

 >> In addition, the QEMU guest agent requires specified socket. Virt IO
 >> Console, too. But unfortunately libvirt does not support to xml tags
 >> to give socket name options to QEMU for the QEMU guest agent and
 >> Virt IO Console.
 > Err, yes we do.
 >      <channel type='unix'>
 >        <source mode='bind' path='/var/lib/libvirt/qemu/f16x86_64.agent'/>
 >        <target type='virtio' name='org.qemu.guest_agent.0'/>
 >      </channel>

Yes, I confirmed that it can create the socket for guest agent and 
communicate to guest.

 > Or for the console
 >      <console type='unix'>
 >        <source mode='bind' 
 >        <target type='virtio'/>
 >      </channel>
 > though you really want to use type=pty for consoles, so that 'virsh 
 > works correctly.
 > Daniel

But It is not enough. Because I use the socket for VirtIO console, i.e. 
gives the option '-device virtconsole,chardev=...,name=foo' for qemu.

And I read the source code, but found funny...
In src/conf/domain_conf.h, struct _virDomainChrDef is
struct _virDomainChrDef {
     union {
         int port; /* parallel, serial, console */
         virSocketAddrPtr addr; /* guestfwd */
         char *name; /* virtio */
     } target;
It is written that virtio must use char *name.

But in docs/schemas/domaincommon.rng and others, VirtIO Console use only 
int port.

Thoug I do not understand that which should be used, I attaches the 
patch for using *name.

P.S. I can not use GIT, because live in restricted network.

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