[libvirt] [PATCH 0/4] support the listenNetwork attribute in <graphics>

Laine Stump laine at laine.org
Thu Jul 7 06:44:49 UTC 2011

This patch series resolves the following bug:


In short, it implements support for a new "listenNetwork" attribute in
the domain's <graphics> element. When listenNetwork is specified,
libvirt will look for a network of that name (from the networks that
can be created within libvirt), and derive a listen address from the
physical interface used to connect that network to the outside
world. (More details are given in each commit message).

This patch series is meant to be applied on top of the series I sent
on Tuesday:

   network: physical device abstraction aka 'virtual switch'

Don't attempt to apply it by itself!

Note that I'm not particularly fond of the attribute name (it's too
long and has the ugly capital letter in the middle). If anyone has a
suggestion for something better, please give your opinion now, before
it's pushed and becomes permanent!

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