[libvirt] Fix for newer yajl

Brecht Sanders brecht at sanders.org
Wed Jul 27 09:47:22 UTC 2011

On 27/07/2011 10:24, Brecht Sanders wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I just notices that compiling libvirt against yail version 2 there
>>> were some errors, mainly because yajl_parser_config is no longer
>>> used.
>> What version of libvirt is your patch against ?  The latest releases
>> already have fixed compatibility with YAJL 2, so I'm assuming you have
>> an old release ?
>> Regards,
>> Daniel
> Hmm, you're right. My bad.
> I forgot I was compiling 0.9.0 because I had other issues compiling 
> later versions under MinGW/MSYS on Windows.
> In case you were not aware of this I'm including the end of my 0.9.3 
> output below.
Please ignore my previous mail.
I just noticed this was caused by "-Dsiginfo_t=int" which I still had in 
there to fix older compiles.
Removing this works fine.

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