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Re: [libvirt] Request to rename 'destroy' to something milder.

Hi Kashyap,
I remember we were talking about this on IRC and I know it could make
confusion and first time I've been using the destroy command of virsh I
remember I've been asking somebody the same thing.

The issue is that this command exists in virsh/libvirt for a really long
and I don't know whether it could be easy to change it. I guess we
should introduce a new command 'poweroff' with backwards compatibility
to 'destroy' but changing destroy functionality is not the right thing.


On 06/14/2011 12:31 PM, Kashyap Chamarthy wrote:
> (please cc me in response as I have not subscribed to this list)
> Hi all,
> A minor nitpick:
> Every-time I suggest someone to do a force shut-down a guest using 'virsh destroy foo' , 
> the very first question I get is -- does it _destroy_ my data?
> This causes confusion to the inexperienced user and makes him/her suspect that the 
> data/disk could be destroyed while running 'virsh destroy foo'
> Maybe replacing it to a milder name like 'poweroff' or something might help?
> Thanks,
> Kashyap Chamarthy
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