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[libvirt] [RFC PATCH] NUMA tuning support

Hi, All,

This is a simple implenmentation for NUMA tuning support based on binary
program 'numactl', currently only supports to bind memory to specified nodes,
using option "--membind", perhaps it need to support more, but I'd like
send it early so that could make sure if the principle is correct.

Ideally, NUMA tuning support should be added in qemu-kvm first, such
as they could provide command options, then what we need to do in libvirt
is just to pass the options to qemu-kvm, but unfortunately qemu-kvm doesn't
support it yet, what we could do currently is only to use numactl,
it forks process, a bit expensive than qemu-kvm supports NUMA tuning
inside with libnuma, but it shouldn't affects much I guess.

The NUMA tuning XML is like:

  <membind nodeset='+0-4,8-12'/>

Any thoughts/feedback is appreciated.


[PATCH 1/5] build: Define NUMACTL for numa tuning use
[PATCH 2/5] docs: Define XML schema for numa tuning and add docs
[PATCH 3/5] conf: Support NUMA tuning XML
[PATCH 4/5] qemu: Build command line for NUMA tuning
[PATCH 5/5] tests: Add tests for guest use NUMA tuning

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