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[libvirt] [PATCH 0/8 v3] Integration of lock managers in QEMU

This is an update to


Changes in this series

 - Lock manager plugin API is dramatically simpler
 - Lock manager only protects disk content, not disk
   metadata (eg file ownership/selinux label changes)
 - Migration state transfer integrated
 - Updated for latest sanlock API
 - Locks are released upon VM pause and reacquired upon
 - Updated documentation

NB, as before, the lock manager plugin API is currently
*internal* only, so out-of-tree 3rd party plugin impls
will be not be supported. This restriction may be released
in the future, once we have determined that the current
plugin API is suitable for long term ABI guarentees.

My intention is to merge this initial series with the nop
and sanlock plugin impls, and then provide a fcntl based
impl later.

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