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[libvirt] documentation request

I'd like to make a request to the people on here to change
the way documentation is done when libvirt is changed. I'd love to see
two things in the documentation with every change:

1) Version tracking -- every feature that's added should always list
which version it was added in

2) Examples -- especially for the changes to domain XML, every new
attribute should be demonstrated in the example box for that section

To pick a random example, there's the new cpushares and vcpupin
attributes. Looking here:
http://libvirt.org/formatdomain.html#elementsResources neither of them
is listed in the example box. vcpupin has a pretty complicated syntax,
and the only way to figure out what it is is to dig through list
archives. Also, users might become really confused when these features
fail to do anything on versions of libvirt < 0.9.0.


Actually, digging further I noticed that Osier Yang actually did write
an example section:
but it fell away by the time his change was pushed (commit 6b3644).


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