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[libvirt] Live Migration UDP implementation

Hi all,
For my academic project to analyse the Performance of transport protocols in Live Migration of Virtual Machines.I have configured the live migration using tcp and I succeed the live migration. 
Now for my further remaining project work I need to do the same thing for the UDP implemataiton.When I changed the command in virsh, (My fianl command in TCP isvirsh migrate --live ubuntu21 qemu+ssh:// tcp:// to udp it is not workng. It is given that qemu embeds user mode network stack which includes tcp,dhcp,udp.etc within the wemu process. Its giving the error no API found for UDP.
---Now i want to implement the patch file for migration using UDP if possible.

---Where I should change the API in order to perform the live migration using UDP.

---Is any patch file available so that modifying that patch file will perform the Live Migration using UDP.

---If implementation using not possible with UDP please give me the details why that can not be implemented and is any proofs for that reasons are appreciated.

--Is there any other transport layer protocols can be used instead of TCP during Live migration.?

--How about using RUDP instead of TCP.

Thanking You in advance.

Thanks and Regards
Prakash H.R
M.Tech Student at RVCE, Bangalore

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