[libvirt] [RFC] netlink monitor thread

D. Herrendoerfer d.herrendoerfer at herrendoerfer.name
Wed Sep 7 09:04:08 UTC 2011


I'm trying to get libvirt to recognize port profile disassociations,
i.e. when the switch removes a port profile because lldpad has
unexpectedly quit or the profile has been changed in the switches
profile database, or when something went wrong otherwise.

My take on this for testing was to have an external deamon log
port profiles and changes to them, and tell lldpad to set them
again if needed. But this is not really practical.

I would like to find a way to have the libvitrd monitor netlink
and take appropriate measures if, for example, a port profile
is removed unexpectedly, that is: to call the VMs network setup
again if macvtap/VEPA is used.
There would be other benefits, like the detection if a link goes
down on a used interface, or a device is unexpectedly configured
down by another component.

Looking at the deamon code I'm unclear on how to do this properly,
this is a very linux specific thing, and the asynchronous nature of the
request handling makes starting the monitor thread later on difficult.

Thoughts, ideas ?

D. Herrendoerfer

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