[libvirt] [PATCH 00/14] snapshot: improve dumpxml output

Eric Blake eblake at redhat.com
Mon Sep 26 21:45:08 UTC 2011

On 09/26/2011 03:21 AM, Hai Dong Li wrote:
> On 09/26/2011 05:03 PM, Hai Dong Li wrote:
>> On 09/23/2011 04:34 AM, Eric Blake wrote:
>>> This series fixes 'virsh snapshot-dumpxml' to use nicer formatting.
>>> Patch 1 adds some nice helper routines, patches 2-13 are mostly
>>> mechanical conversions to use the helpers and pass indentation
>>> levels through the entire call chain, and patch 14 adds a test
>>> which uncovered a couple minor issues in how formatting was done.
>> Hi, I applied these patches and tested it a little bit.

Thanks for doing that.

>> It can be seen that the <domain></domain> indent correctly.
>> I typed 'make check' in the tests directory. The
>> domainsnapshotxml2xmltest part output:
>> TEST: domainsnapshotxml2xmltest
>> ...... 6 OK
>> PASS: domainsnapshotxml2xmltest

I'll take that as a series ack, and push the 14 patches then.

>> I ran the domainsnapshotxml2xmltest script, it output:
>> TEST: domainsnapshotxml2xmltest
>> ...... 6 OK
>> That's what I've done. Thanks.
> Seems the email mess up the indentation.The attached file
> dumpxml_old_new_diff shows the differences.

Yeah, whitespace munging on email can make indentation patches and 
results harder than you want :)

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