[libvirt] [PATCH v3 3/7] virsh: add support for VIR_DOMAIN_CONSOLE_* flags

Eric Blake eblake at redhat.com
Thu Feb 2 00:43:24 UTC 2012

On 01/26/2012 10:16 AM, Peter Krempa wrote:
> This patch adds support for the newly introduced
> command now has an optional parameter --force that specifies that the
> user wants to forcibly interrupt an ongoing console session and create
> a new one. Flag --safe requests that the console should be opened only
> if the hypervisor driver supports safe console handling.
> The behaviour to this point was that the daemon opened two streams to
> the console, that competed for data from the pipe, and the result was
> that both of the consoles ended up scrambled.
> * tools/console.c:
>         - add support for flag passthrough
> * tools/console.h:
>         - modify function prototypes to match impl.
> * tools/virsh.c:
>         - add flag --force for the console command

What you have is good, but you should also add --safe and --force to
'virsh start --console' and 'virsh create --console'.  Hmm, for virsh
start, naming it --force might be risky since we already have
--force-boot; there, I might go --force-console.  It also means that if
we ever add unambiguous prefix option parsing, then --force would be
ambiguous; oh well.

> +++ b/tools/virsh.pod
> @@ -396,13 +396,19 @@ Configure a domain to be automatically started at boot.
>  The option I<--disable> disables autostarting.
> -=item B<console> I<domain-id> [I<devname>]
> +=item B<console> I<domain-id> [I<devname>] [I<--safe>] [I<--force>]
>  Connect the virtual serial console for the guest. The optional
>  I<devname> parameter refers to the device alias of an alternate
>  console, serial or parallel device configured for the guest.
>  If omitted, the primary console will be opened.
> +If the flag I<--safe> is specified, the connection is only attempted
> +if the driver supports safe console handling. This flag specifies, that

s/specifies, that/specifies that/

> +the server has to ensure exclusive access to console devices. Optionally
> +the I<--force> flag may be specified, requesting to disconnect any existing
> +sessions. E.g in a case of broken connection.

s/sessions. E.g in/sessions, such as in/
/of broken/of a broken/

ACK.  We can enhance 'start' and 'create' in a separate patch.

Eric Blake   eblake at redhat.com    +1-919-301-3266
Libvirt virtualization library http://libvirt.org

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