[libvirt] QEMU applying for Google Summer of Code 2012

Stefan Hajnoczi stefanha at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 10:30:24 UTC 2012

This year's Google Summer of Code has been announced:


For those who haven't heard of GSoC before, it funds university
students to work on open source projects during the summer.
Organizations, such as QEMU, can participate to attract students who
will tackle projects for 12 weeks this summer.  The GSoC program has
been very successful because it gives students real open source
experience and organizations can grow their development community.

QEMU has participated for several years and I would like to organize
our participation this year.  Luiz was QEMU organization administrator
last year and contacted me because he will not have time this year.  I
will prepare the application form for QEMU so that we will be
considered for 2012.

Umbrella organization
Like last year, we can provide a home for KVM kernel module and
libvirt projects too if those organizations prefer not to apply to
GSoC themselves.  Please let us know so we can work together!

Ideas list
The starting point for student candidates is our "Ideas List".  I have
created a new page for this year - please add project ideas that you'd
like students to work on:


Here is last year's list:


A GSoC project should be achievable in 12 weeks by someone who is
competent in C programming but does not have prior QEMU coding
experience.  Students normally work full-time (5 days per week).
Please also indicate if you are willing to mentor a student for your
project idea.  I have provided a wiki template on the page so you can
easily add project ideas.

Mentors needed
Each student that we accept needs a mentor.  Mentors are QEMU
developers who are willing to answer questions, review code, give
advice, and evaluate the student's progress.  This is a time
commitment but also a good experience that I have enjoyed and would

Please add project ideas to the wiki now:

Feb 27 - Mar 9: I will submit QEMU's application form

Mar 17 - Apr 20: Mentors respond to student candidates, interview
them, and select the best candidate

May 21 - Aug 20: Students work on their projects

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!


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