[libvirt] numa query

kapil jain kapil_eckota at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 5 13:50:30 UTC 2012


I have a host machine which contains 4 numa nodes each with 2 GB memory and 4 cpus. I am using qem-kvm hypervisor.

I am trying to create a guest with the similar topology (4 numa nodes, with only 2 vcpus and 1 GB memory) as host. Each vcpu is 1-1 pinned to physical cpus(i.e. guest{socket0 cpu0} is pinned to host{socket0 cpu0). But one critical requirement is that one guest socket should not have memory from two host sockets to avoid numa access completely.

With the current constructs of numa/topology I am able to create the guest. But memory is not mapped as socket 1-1. numatune is not helping. Please suggest a possible way.


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