[libvirt] libvirt.git vs. firewalls [was: [PATCH] qemu_agent: support qemu agent general command]

Eric Blake eblake at redhat.com
Fri Jul 13 13:52:42 UTC 2012

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On 07/05/2012 07:29 PM, MATSUDA, Daiki wrote:
> Hi, All.
> Thank you for many comments.
> And I extremely apologize not to use git... My company's network closes
> the almost port and only http via proxy and simple mail are available.

For cloning libvirt.git, that's not a valid excuse.  There is an http
mirror of libvirt.git at http://repo.or.cz/w/libvirt.git, which lags
upstream by less than a day:

git clone http://repo.or.cz/r/libvirt.git

For submitting patches, it is still possible to hook up 'git send-email'
to go through your company mail (although it may be rather interesting
to research what all it will take).  Even if you can't figure out how to
get 'git send-email' working at your employment, at least using 'git
format-patch' against the latest development tree is better than
developing commits against a release tarball.

Or you can use the distributed nature of git in your favor, along with
the existence of sites like repo.or.cz that allow you to create clone
repos that allow http push.  If you do an http push from your work to
your own repo.or.cz clone, then later pull from that repo and use git
send-email from your personal account when you are no longer firewalled,
then you can avoid the restrictions while still minimizing the time
spent outside of work in dealing with the patch submissions.

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