[libvirt] Release of libvirt-1.0.0

Alex Jia ajia at redhat.com
Fri Nov 2 10:30:50 UTC 2012

On 11/02/2012 01:13 PM, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>    Well we just crossed that important milestone in the life of any
> project, so congratulation everybody the 1.0.0 release is out !!!
>    For a bit of history, this is actually the 7th birthday of the project
> accounted from the first commit, on Nov 2 2005, public from day one !
> CVS converted commit labelled "Initial revision" 2005-11-02 20:50:21
> At the time I had one hypervisor (Xen) to play with, and except the
> general idea and some of the earlier entry point there is nothing left
> from that first commit, and that is just fine :-) !
>    Anyway back to useful informations, the release is as usual at:
> ftp://libvirt.org/libvirt/
> as a tarball and signed rpms.
> For just over a month of development we are at nearly 350 commits so
> the pace is apparently not slowing down! There is a number of important
> improvements, but for a change I would like to point out the silent
> work of our translators communities, work being done in the framework
> of Transifex:
>    https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/libvirt/
> we have around 10 languages with near complete translation, historically
> we had 2 complete localization : japanese and ukrainian at 100% and

Congratulations!! about Chinese? :)


> updating within hours of a new pot source file being pushed, in the last
> month 5 new indian languages have completed, and various others have
> made significant improvements. So to those group of people helping
> mostly silently in the background I want to say Thank You, your work makes
> a difference !!!
> Features:
> - virNodeGetCPUMap: Define public API. (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - Add systemd journal support (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add a qemu capabilities cache manager (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - USB migration support (Jiri Denemark)
> - various improvement and fixes when using QMP QEmu interface
> - Support for Xen 4.2 (Jim Fehlig)
> - Lot of localization enhancements (Transifex teams)
> Documentation:
> - net-update docs: s/domain/network/ (Michal Privoznik)
> - docs: libvirtd no longer uses abstract namespace (Eric Blake)
> - documentation: HTML tag fix (Philipp Hahn)
> - virsh: Fix POD syntax (Jiri Denemark)
> - docs: Fix installation of internals/*.html (Cole Robinson)
> - docs: virsh: clarify behavior of send-key (Cole Robinson)
> - maint: fix license on polkit script (Eric Blake)
> - doc: Sort out the relationship between<vcpu>,<vcpupin>, and<emulatorpin>  (Osier Yang)
> - Tweak comments in the policykit rules file (Cole Robinson)
> - Various typos and misspellings (Ján Tomko)
> - qemu: Fix misleading comment for qemuDomainObjBeginJobWithDriver() (Peter Krempa)
> - Correct name of domain/pm/suspend-to-mem in docs (Zeeshan Ali (Khattak))
> - doc: update description about user/group in qemu.conf (Marcelo Cerri)
> - docs: Drop useless</p>  in drvphyp.html.in (Michal Privoznik)
> - docs: fix links in migration.html TOC (Eric Blake)
> - doc: Add Maven repository to Java bindings documentation (Wido den Hollander)
> - docs: rudimentary phyp documentation (Eric Blake)
> - doc: update description about security labels on formatdomain.html (Marcelo Cerri)
> - Add note about numeric domain names to manpage (Dave Allan)
> - Fix typo in header file comment (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Update how to compile with -Werror (Doug Goldstein)
> - node_memory: Improve the docs (Osier Yang)
> Portability:
> - Don't assume pid_t is the same size as an int (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - build: Fix RPM build for non-x86 platforms (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - build: fix linking with systemtap probes (Eric Blake)
> - parallels: fix build for some older compilers (Laine Stump)
> - Fix build with apparmor (Jiri Denemark)
> - build: use correct printf types for uid/gid (Eric Blake)
> - spec: Fix multilib issue with systemtap tapsets (Cole Robinson)
> - spec: Require newer sanlock on recent distros 2 (Jiri Denemark)
> - spec: Add runtime requirement for libssh2 (Peter Krempa)
> - spec: Require newer sanlock on recent distros (Jiri Denemark)
> - locking: Fix build with sanlock<  2.4 (Jiri Denemark)
> - Fix virProcessKillPainfully on Win32 (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Properly parse (unsigned) long long (Guido Günther)
> - win32: Pretend that close-on-exec works (Matthias Bolte)
> - build: fix VPATH builds (Eric Blake)
> - build: avoid journald on rhel 5 (Eric Blake)
> - build: fix bitmap conversion when !CPU_ALLOC (Eric Blake)
> - Fix compilation of legacy xen driver with Xen 4.2 (Jim Fehlig)
> - build: fix detection of netcf linked with libnl1 (Christophe Fergeau)
> Bug Fixes:
> - qemu: QMP capabilities support starts with 1.2 (Doug Goldstein)
> - Linux Containers are not allowed to create device nodes. (Dan Walsh)
> - qemu: Fix name comparison in qemuMonitorJSONBlockIoThrottleInfo() (Stefan Hajnoczi)
> - qemu: Keep QEMU host drive prefix in BlkIoTune (Stefan Hajnoczi)
> - iohelper: fdatasync() at the end (Michal Privoznik)
> - conf: Fix private symbols exported by files in conf (Peter Krempa)
> - Fix arch detection for qemu-system-i386 with QMP (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - build: prefer mkostemp for multi-thread safety (Eric Blake)
> - qemu: Fix EmulatorPinInfo without emulatorpin (Martin Kletzander)
> - ip6tables rule removal (Gene Czarcinski)
> - Create temporary dir for socket (Guido Günther)
> - cpu: Fix definition of flag smap (Peter Krempa)
> - nodeinfotest: Delete NUL bytes from test data (Peter Krempa)
> - qemu: Do not ignore address for USB disks (Vladislav Bogdanov)
> - esx: Fix connection to ESX 5.1 (Martin Kletzander)
> - build: place attributes in correct location (Eric Blake)
> - qemu: Fix domxml-to-native network model conversion (Cole Robinson)
> - build: typo fix for qemu cpu affinity (Eric Blake)
> - qemu: fix attach/detach of netdevs with matching mac addrs (Laine Stump)
> - cpustat: fix regression when cpus are offline (Eric Blake)
> - build: fix type-punning bug (Eric Blake)
> - network: fix networkValidate check for default portgroup and vlan (Laine Stump)
> - Fix detection of Xen sysctl version 9 (Jim Fehlig)
> - selinux: Don't fail RestoreAll if file doesn't have a default label (Cole Robinson)
> - xml: omit domain name from comment if it contains double hyphen (Ján Tomko)
> - Fix disabling of apparmor/selinux security drivers (Christophe Fergeau)
> - storage: Don't do wait loops from VolLookupByPath (Cole Robinson)
> - qemu: Don't use -enable-nesting with qemu 1.2.0+ (Cole Robinson)
> - qemu: Don't blindly assume VNC is supported (Doug Goldstein)
> - test: Don't assume VNC is always available (Doug Goldstein)
> - virsh: Fix segfault of snapshot-list (Osier Yang)
> - qemu: Fix the unused parameter which causes the build failure (Osier Yang)
> - daemon: Avoid 'Could not find keytab file' in syslog (Cole Robinson)
> - network: don't allow multiple default portgroups (Laine Stump)
> - network: always create dnsmasq hosts and addnhosts files, even if empty (Laine Stump)
> - network: free/null newDef if network fails to start (Laine Stump)
> - blockjob: avoid segv on early error (Eric Blake)
> - selinux: relabel tapfd in qemuPhysIfaceConnect (Guannan Ren)
> - qemu: Set arch to i686 if qemu-system-i386 is found (Guido Günther)
> - qemu: Don't fail without emulatorpin or cpumask (Guido Günther)
> - network: Set to NULL after virNetworkDefFree() (Michal Privoznik)
> - spec: Fix dependency for lock-sanlock subpackage (Jiri Denemark)
> - qemu: Correctly wait for spice to migrate (Michal Privoznik)
> - qemu: Clear async job when p2p migration fails early (Jiri Denemark)
> - selinux: fix wrong tapfd relablling (Guannan Ren)
> - storage: lvm: lvcreate fails with allocation=0, don't do that (Cole Robinson)
> - conf: Fix crash with cleanup (Martin Kletzander)
> - Avoid straying</cpuset>  (Guido Günther)
> - conf: fix virDevicePCIAddressEqual args (Laine Stump)
> - virsh: block SIGINT while getting BlockJobInfo (Ján Tomko)
> - esx: Fix dynamic dispatch for types with more than one level of inheritance (Matthias Bolte)
> - qemu: Fix QMP detection of QXL graphics (Jiri Denemark)
> - Call curl_global_init from virInitialize to avoid thread-safety issues (Matthias Bolte)
> - fix kvm_pv_eoi with kvmclock (Martin Kletzander)
> - Fix typo in HAVE_DBUS automake conditional (Alexander Larsson)
> - esx: Disable libcurl's use of signals to fix a segfault (Matthias Bolte)
> - S390: Buffer too small for large CPU numbers. (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - Correct checking of virStrcpyStatic() return value (Kyle Mestery)
> - qemu: Kill processes used for QMP caps probing (Jiri Denemark)
> - qemu: Use proper agent entering function when freezing filesystems (Peter Krempa)
> - lxc: Correctly report active cgroups (Michal Privoznik)
> - build: avoid infinite autogen loop (Eric Blake)
> - Avoid bogus I/O event errors when closing the QEMU monitor (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix QEMU test with 1.2.0 help output (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - network: fix dnsmasq/radvd binding to IPv6 on recent kernels (Benjamin Cama)
> - Fix regression starting QEMU instances without query-events (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix handling of itanium arch name in QEMU driver (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix potential deadlock when agent is closed (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix (rare) deadlock in QEMU monitor callbacks (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Don't skip over socket label cleanup (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Don't ignore return value of qemuProcessKill (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix deadlock in handling EOF in LXC monitor (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - parallels: don't give null pointers to virBitmapEqual (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: fix memory allocation (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - qemu: wait for SPICE to migrate (Michal Privoznik)
> - Don't use O_TRUNC when opening QEMU logfiles (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix start of containers with custom root filesystem (Daniel P. Berrange)
> Improvements:
> - cpumap: optimize for clients that don't need online count (Eric Blake)
> - daemon: Make the default PolicyKit policy auth_admin_keep. (Richard W.M. Jones)
> - util: Improve error reporting from absolutePathFromBaseFile helper (Peter Krempa)
> - Make non-KVM machines work with QMP probing (Martin Kletzander)
> - maint: log xml during volume creation (Eric Blake)
> - util: do a better job of matching up pids with their binaries (Laine Stump)
> - sanlock: Introduce 'user' and 'group' conf variables (Michal Privoznik)
> - qemu: pass -usb and usb hubs earlier, so USB disks with static address are handled properly (Vladislav Bogdanov)
> - qemu: Report errors from iohelper (Michal Privoznik)
> - util: Re-format literal strings in virXMLEmitWarning (Peter Krempa)
> - xml: print uuids in the warning (Ján Tomko)
> - blockjob: relabel entire existing chain (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: allow mirroring under SELinux and cgroup (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: allow for existing files in block-copy (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: implement block copy for qemu (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: make block pivot safer (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: support pivot operation on cancel (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: return appropriate event and info (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: react to active block copy (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: add qemu capabilities related to block jobs (Eric Blake)
> - build: check for pod errors (Eric Blake)
> - build: silence compiler warning about signedness (Eric Blake)
> - maint: Sort .gitignore (Peter Krempa)
> - virsh: Remove --flags from nodesuspend (Jiri Denemark)
> - snapshot: improve snapshot-list error message (Eric Blake)
> - maint: ignore unsaved emacs files (Eric Blake)
> - daemon: Fix LIBVIRT_DEBUG=1 default output (Cole Robinson)
> - virNodeGetCPUMap: Add python binding (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - virNodeGetCPUMap: Implement driver support (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - virNodeGetCPUMap: Implement support function in nodeinfo (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - nodeinfo: improve probing node cpu bitmap (Eric Blake)
> - bitmap: add virBitmapCountBits (Eric Blake)
> - esx: Update version checks for vSphere 5.1 (Matthias Bolte)
> - cpu: Add recently added cpu feature flags. (Peter Krempa)
> - qemu: Prohibit chaning affinity of domain process if placement is 'auto' (Osier Yang)
> - qemu: Keep the affinity when creating cgroup for emulator thread (Osier Yang)
> - qemu: Add helper to prepare cpumap for affinity setting (Osier Yang)
> - virNodeGetCPUMap: Implement virsh support. (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - libvirt.h.in: Add new cpumap macro VIR_CPU_USED (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - virNodeGetCPUMap: Implement wire protocol. (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - header: declare node memory parameter handling earlier (Eric Blake)
> - header: declare typed parameter handling earlier (Eric Blake)
> - build: improve FORTIFY_SOURCE usage (Eric Blake)
> - qemu_migration: Transport OVS per-port data during live migration (Kyle Mestery)
> - openvswitch: Add utility functions for getting and setting Open vSwitch per-port data (Kyle Mestery)
> - qemu_migration: Add hooks to transport network data during migration (Kyle Mestery)
> - build: print uids as unsigned (Eric Blake)
> - storage: don't shadow global 'wait' declaration (Ján Tomko)
> - maint: update to latest gnulib (Eric Blake)
> - snapshot: sanity check when reusing file for snapshot (Eric Blake)
> - storage: let format probing work on root-squash NFS (Eric Blake)
> - migrate: v2: use VIR_DOMAIN_XML_MIGRATABLE when available (Ján Tomko)
> - qemu: set seamless migration capability (Michal Privoznik)
> - Log parameters passed to virFileMakePath (Cole Robinson)
> - Log file name passed to virConfReadFile (Cole Robinson)
> - blockjob: properly label disks for qemu block-commit (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: refactor qemu disk chain permission grants (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: implement shallow commit flag in qemu (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: wire up online qemu block-commit (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: manage qemu block-commit monitor command (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: remove unused parameters after previous patch (Eric Blake)
> - storage: use cache to walk backing chain (Eric Blake)
> - storage: cache backing chain while qemu domain is live (Eric Blake)
> - storage: make it easier to find file within chain (Eric Blake)
> - storage: remember relative names in backing chain (Eric Blake)
> - storage: don't require caller to pre-allocate metadata struct (Eric Blake)
> - storage: get entire metadata chain in one call (Eric Blake)
> - storage: don't probe non-files (Eric Blake)
> - storage: use enum for snapshot driver type (Eric Blake)
> - storage: use enum for disk driver type (Eric Blake)
> - storage: use enum for default driver type (Eric Blake)
> - storage: match RNG to supported driver types (Eric Blake)
> - storage: treat 'aio' like 'raw' at parse time (Eric Blake)
> - storage: list more file types (Eric Blake)
> - Autogenerate AUTHORS (Cole Robinson)
> - qemu: Allow migration with host USB devices (Jiri Denemark)
> - dist: added cpu/cpu_ppc_data.h to Makefile.am (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - qemu: Always format CPU topology (Jiri Denemark)
> - qemu: Add support for HyperV Enlightenment feature "relaxed" (Peter Krempa)
> - conf: Add support for HyperV Enlightenment features (Peter Krempa)
> - conf: Make tri-state feature options more universal (Peter Krempa)
> - qemu: Fixed default machine detection in qemuCapsParseMachineTypesStr (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - qemu: Pin the emulator when only cpuset is specified (Martin Kletzander)
> - interface: add virInterfaceGetXMLDesc() in udev (Doug Goldstein)
> - Implement CPU model driver for PowerPC (Li Zhang)
> - Add one file cpu_ppc_data.h to define CPU data for PPC (Li Zhang)
> - selinux: remove unused variables in socket labelling (Guannan Ren)
> - storage: lvm: Don't overwrite lvcreate errors (Cole Robinson)
> - Make virInitialize thread safe (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add JSON serialization of virNetServerPtr objects for process re-exec() (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add JSON serialization of virNetServerClientPtr objects for process re-exec() (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add JSON serialization of virNetServerServicePtr objects for process re-exec() (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add JSON serialization of virNetSocketPtr objects for process re-exec() (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add JSON serialization of virLockSpacePtr objects for process re-exec() (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Introduce an internal API for handling file based lockspaces (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - tests: Fix domain-events python test (Martin Kletzander)
> - maint: prepare for next release number (Eric Blake)
> - conf: add test for boot dev and order (Martin Kletzander)
> - selinux: Use raw contexts 2 (Martin Kletzander)
> - selinux: add security selinux function to label tapfd (Guannan Ren)
> - Add support for SUSPEND_DISK event (Martin Kletzander)
> - util: switch virLogEatParams to virLogSource (Ján Tomko)
> - node_memory: Add new parameter field to tune the new sysfs knob (Osier Yang)
> - qemu: reorganize qemuDomainChangeNet and qemuDomainChangeNetBridge (Laine Stump)
> - conf: virDomainDeviceInfoCopy utility function (Laine Stump)
> - qemu: Ignore def->cpumask if emulatorpin is specified (Osier Yang)
> - conf: Ignore emulatorpin if vcpu placement is auto (Osier Yang)
> - qemu: Initialize cpuset for hotplugged vcpu as def->cpuset (Osier Yang)
> - qemu: Create or remove cgroup when doing vcpu hotpluging (Osier Yang)
> - conf: Initialize the pinning policy for vcpus (Osier Yang)
> - conf: Ignore vcpupin for not onlined vcpus when parsing (Osier Yang)
> - Only keep one polkit rules file (Cole Robinson)
> - daemon: Use $(AM_V_GEN) in a few more places (Cole Robinson)
> - spec: Add support for libssh2 transport (Peter Krempa)
> - selinux: Use raw contexts (Martin Kletzander)
> - conf: Mark missing optional USB devices in domain XML (Jiri Denemark)
> - virsh: remove reference to migration in blockcopy (Ján Tomko)
> - qemu: Make save/restore with USB devices usable (Jiri Denemark)
> - Add MIGRATABLE flag for virDomainGetXMLDesc (Jiri Denemark)
> - qemu: Implement startupPolicy for USB passed through devices (Jiri Denemark)
> - qemu: Add option to treat missing USB devices as success (Jiri Denemark)
> - qemu: Introduce qemuFindHostdevUSBDevice (Jiri Denemark)
> - conf: Add support for startupPolicy for USB devices (Jiri Denemark)
> - locking: Implement lock failure action in sanlock driver (Jiri Denemark)
> - locking: Add support for lock failure action (Jiri Denemark)
> - locking: Pass hypervisor driver name when acquiring locks (Jiri Denemark)
> - locking: Add const char * parameter to avoid ugly typecasts (Jiri Denemark)
> - conf: Add on_lockfailure event configuration (Jiri Denemark)
> - conf: Rename life cycle actions to event actions (Jiri Denemark)
> - storage: Report UUID/name consistently in driver errors (Cole Robinson)
> - Change qemuSetSchedularParameters to use AFFECT_CURRENT (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - interface: add udevIfaceIsActive() to udev backend (Doug Goldstein)
> - interface: always build all available backends (Doug Goldstein)
> - interface: fix netcf based backend naming (Doug Goldstein)
> - interface: add udev based backend for virInterface (Doug Goldstein)
> - hooks: let virCommand do the error reporting (Eric Blake)
> - nodeinfo: Fully convert to new virReportError (Michal Privoznik)
> - virsh: add qemu-monitor-command --pretty (Eric Blake)
> - security: update user and group parsing in security_dac.c (Marcelo Cerri)
> - util: extend virGetUserID and virGetGroupID to support names and IDs (Marcelo Cerri)
> - python: keep consistent handling of Python integer conversion (Guannan Ren)
> - python: cleanup vcpu related binding APIs (Guannan Ren)
> - Check for private symbols presence as well (Michal Privoznik)
> - spec: prefer canonical name of util-linux (Eric Blake)
> - build: update gnulib for FreeBSD build (Eric Blake)
> - security: also parse user/group names instead of just IDs for DAC labels (Marcelo Cerri)
> - build: avoid -Wno-format on new-enough gcc (Eric Blake)
> - build: fix typo in debug message (Eric Blake)
> - hyperv: Fix and improve hypervListAllDomains (Matthias Bolte)
> - esx: Fix and improve esxListAllDomains function (Matthias Bolte)
> - build: default selinuxfs mount point to /sys/fs/selinux (Daniel J Walsh)
> - Add support for detecting capablities using QMP commands (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Ignore error from query-cpu-definitions (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Remove need to pass in a virDomainObjPtr instance to qemuMonitorOpen (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - ARMHF: implement /proc/cpuinfo parsing (Chuck Short)
> - Automatically enable systemd journal logging (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Refactor qemuCapsParseDeviceStr to work from data tables (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Don't initialize logging twice in libvirtd (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Change logging category parameter into an enum (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Include filename explicitly in logging APIs (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Whitespace cleanup in logging files (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - s/int/virLogDestination/ in logging code (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - s/long long/size_t/ for file line numbers in logging code (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - s/int/virLogPriority/ in logging code (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - python: return error if PyObject obj is NULL for unwrapper helper functions (Guannan Ren)
> - Pass the "raw" log message to each virLogOutputFunc (Miloslav Trmač)
> - Split priority conversion from virLogOutputToSyslog (Miloslav Trmač)
> - Move command/event capabilities detection out of QEMU monitor code (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Remove some unused includes in QEMU code (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add a qemuMonitorGetTargetArch() method for QMP query-target command (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add a qemuMonitorGetObjectProps() method for QMP device-list-properties command (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add a qemuMonitorGetObjectTypes() method for QMP qom-list-types command (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add a qemuMonitorGetEvents() method for QMP query-events command (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add a qemuMonitorGetCommands() method for QMP query-commands command (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add a qemuMonitorGetCPUDefinitions method for QMP query-cpu-definitions command (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add a qemuMonitorGetMachines() method for QMP query-machines command (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add a qemuMonitorGetVersion() method for QMP query-version command (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Refactor guest init to support qemu-system-i386 binary too (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Make qemuCapsProbeMachineTypes&  qemuCapsProbeCPUModels static (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Remove probing of CPU models when launching QEMU guests (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Remove probing of machine types when canonicalizing XML (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Remove probing of flags when launching QEMU guests (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Switch over to use cache for building QEMU capabilities (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Use size_t instead of int for virDomainDefPtr struct (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move most of qemuProcessKill into virProcessKillPainfully (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Support Xen sysctl version 9 in Xen 4.2 (Jim Fehlig)
> - network: backend for virNetworkUpdate of interface list (Laine Stump)
> - build: avoid older gcc warning (Eric Blake)
> - Simplify some redundant locking while unref'ing objects (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Convert virLXCMonitor to use virObject (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move virProcess{Kill,Abort,TranslateStatus} into virprocess.{c,h} (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Move virProcessKill into virprocess.{h,c} (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Rename virCommandTranslateStatus to virProcessTranslateStatus (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Rename virPid{Abort,Wait} to virProcess{Abort,Wait} (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Rename virKillProcess to virProcessKill (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - qemu: Avoid holding the driver lock in trivial snapshot API's (Peter Krempa)
> - storage: Add timeout for iscsi volume's stable path discovery (Osier Yang)
> - tests: test previous commit (Eric Blake)
> - command: Change virCommandAddEnv so it replaces existing environment variables. (Richard W.M. Jones)
> - command: Move environ-adding code to common function virCommandAddEnv. (Richard W.M. Jones)
> Cleanups:
> - gitignore: Ignore 'tags' (Michal Privoznik)
> - build: fix syntax-check tab violation (Eric Blake)
> - maint: consistent whitespace after 'if' (Eric Blake)
> - Remove a couple duplicates from AUTHORS.in (Cole Robinson)
> - qemu: Cleanup the unused 'nodeinfo' (Osier Yang)
> - AUTHORS: Remove double entry (Michal Privoznik)
> - Doc-fix for PowerPC CPU model driver (Li Zhang)
> - Fix typo in previous commit s/lik/like/ (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - maint: drop spurious semicolons (Eric Blake)
> - Fix tab vs space (Guido Günther)
> - private.syms: Drop virKillProcess (Michal Privoznik)
> - Remove xenner support (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - parallels: remove unneded code from parallelsDoCmdRun (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: remove unused member 'os' from parallelsDomObj (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - Remove pointless virLXCProcessMonitorDestroy method (Daniel P. Berrange)
>    So thanks everybody for the help assembling that milestone version,
> and let's celebrate :-) !!!
> Daniel

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