[libvirt] [PATCH] Add device operations for lxc v1

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Thu Nov 22 10:19:50 UTC 2012

On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 11:38:25AM +0800, Heiher wrote:
> Hello,
> Operations:
>  1. lxcDomainAttachDevice
>  2. lxcDomainAttachDeviceFlags
>  3. lxcDomainDetachDevice
>  4. lxcDomainDetachDeviceFlags
>  5. lxcDomainUpdateDeviceFlags
> In live mode, set devices.allow/deny to instance's cgroup and insert
> disk config into current domain.
> In config mode, just insert disk config into current domain.

Thanks for taking the time to do this work, and sorry it was missed by
all reviewers on this list. I've had a look at it, and although your
code is pretty sound, I think I'd like to split things up a bit. First
of all, you're adding support for hotplugging <disk> configs, when we
don't even have coldplug of those yet !  I'm going to add support for
coldplug shortly to address that mistake of ours. Then I think I'd
like to include just the hotplugging into the configuration file. And
then finally the hotplugging into a running container. I'll reuse your
work for the last two bits, and copy you on any patches I send.

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