[libvirt] Is DBus a hard dependency

Guido Günther agx at sigxcpu.org
Sat Nov 24 17:34:35 UTC 2012

currently running libvirtd without DBus fails due to:

error : nwfilterDriverStartup:208 : DBus matches could not be installed. Disabling nwfilter driver
error : virDBusGetSystemBus:77 : internal error Unable to get DBus system bus connection: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory
error : virStateInitialize:810 : Initialization of NWFilter state driver failed
error : daemonRunStateInit:784 : Driver state initialization failed

because we fail driver initialization hard in nwfilter_driver.c:

    if (nwfilterDriverInstallDBusMatches(sysbus) < 0) {
        VIR_ERROR(_("DBus matches could not be installed. Disabling nwfilter "
         * unfortunately this is fatal since virNWFilterTechDriversInit
         * may have caused the ebiptables driver to use the firewall tool
         * but now that the watches don't work, we just disable the nwfilter
         * driver
        goto error;

I wonder if this on prupose or if we can just make this a soft error and
go on without DBus? At least in the !HAVE_FIREWALLD case it should be
o.k. to continue. Shouldn't it? See attached patch.
 -- Guido
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