[libvirt] Proposal: no dnsmasq (no dhcp and no dns) and no radvd option

Gene Czarcinski gene at czarc.net
Mon Nov 26 15:56:23 UTC 2012

On 11/26/2012 10:40 AM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> OK, enable= and log= will go in the <dns> element.
> For, enableRA, it will go in any <ip family='ipv6">. If enableRA='yes' 
> and if dhcp is specified for that element, the stateful RA will be 
> configured.  If enableRA='yes' (the default) and no dhcp is specified, 
> then stateless RA is configured.  If enableRA='no', no RA is 
> configured for that subnet.  If all ipv6 specifications have 
> enableRA='no', then nether radvd will be started nor will dnsmasq be 
> configured for RA.
> If any IPv4 or IPv6 DHCP specification which includes log='yes', then 
> log-dhcp will be specified for the interface.
> When (hopefully not if) dnsmasq is changed to include log-ra to enable 
> messages about RA sent to syslog and log-ra is added to --help, then 
> any <IP family='ipv6' logRA='yes' ... /> will enable it for all IPv6 
> addresses on that interface.
> If dns is disabled and there is no dhcp specification but RA is not 
> disabled on all IPv6 specifications, then ??
> It is not clear to me that dnsmasq could handle state-less RA if there 
> is no dns and no dhcp specified.  In fact, the way state-less RA is 
> specified is with dhcp-range=<ipv6-address>,ra-only ... more testing! 
On other thing ...

When a network specification is saved back to an xml file, should the 
default values of these new parameters be saved.  I believe the answer 
is no.  For example, <ip family='ipv4' is the default but is not saved 
as such.


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