[libvirt] libvirt [PATCHv2 2/2] Add iSCSI backend storage driver for ESX.

Matthias Bolte matthias.bolte at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 26 23:27:10 UTC 2012

2012/11/10 Ata E Husain Bohra <ata.husain at hotmail.com>:
> The patch adds the backend driver to support iSCSI format storage pools
> and volumes for ESX host. The mapping of ESX iSCSI specifics to Libvirt
> is as follows:
> 1. ESX static iSCSI target <------> Libvirt Storage Pools
> 2. ESX iSCSI LUNs          <------> Libvirt Storage Volumes.
> The above understanding is based on http://libvirt.org/storage.html.
> The operation supported on iSCSI pools includes:
> 1. List storage pools & volumes.
> 2. Get xml descriptor operaion on pools & volumes.
> 3. Lookup operation on pools & volumes by name, uuid and path (if applicable).
> iSCSI pools does not support operations such as: Create / remove pools
> and volumes.

I don't have time for this one today anymore. I'll definitely come
back to it later this week.

Matthias Bolte

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