[libvirt] problems with current libvirt and qemu-kvm

Gene Czarcinski gene at czarc.net
Thu Nov 29 20:48:52 UTC 2012

When I rebased my DHCPv6, etc. patches, I did that not only on to of 
Laine Stump's dnsmasq-capabiliotes/bind-dynamic updates but I also 
rebased to "current" git master.

Well, the problem with the large number/frequent RTR-ADVERT syslog 
messages from dnsmasq that I had previously seen were fixed ... they 
stopped and dnsmasq produced expected results.  But, starting 
virt-manager hung and there were new error messages in syslog about 
"internal error cannot find suitable emulator for X86_64.

So I downgraded to a previous version that I knew worked and it did but 
my RTR-ADVERT messages are back.  The "good" version uses a tarball 
created from git on November 19th and the "bad" version has a tarball 
created from git on November 29th.

OK, before I start shuffling through the patches applied between those 
two date, does anyone have an idea what patches might be "guilty" ... 
for both issues ... fixing the RTR-ADVERT problem and giving 
libvirtd/qemu-kvm indigestion?

I am not griping.  When you run on the "leading edge", you expect a few 
arrows in your back.

Any suggesting on testing will also be appreciated.


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