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[libvirt] dnsmasq-248 (CentOS/RHEL) compatibility

There are currently three significant libvirt patches I am involved with:

1. Change so that dnsmasq parameters are in a conf file instead of on the command line.

2. A small patch to add dnsmasq parameter interface=

3. A significant patch to add DHCPv6 support to libvirt.

A concern has been raised about the compatibility of my patches with dnsmasq-2.48 which is the version on CentOS 6 and RHEL 6. While something like libvirt-1.0.0 is not officially supported, there is a strong desire not to get in the way of individuals back-porting it.

Plan A: Install CentOS 6.3 into a virtual guest. Apparently, the current virt-manager has some problems running CentOS 6.3. Since I was here to drain a swap, I decided not to go after this alligator.

Plan B: Get a the src.rpm for dnsmasq-2.48 from CentOS and build it on Fedora 17. Then, using a Fedora 17 virtual guest, downgrade install dnsmasq-2.48 on it.

I then took four of my virtual dnsmasq conf-files than I use, slightly modify them to use interface=eth2 and common pid, hostsfile, addnhosts, and leases files. I then fed each of these configuration files to dnsmasq-2.48. Everything worked except for the one which had an IPv6 dhcp-range specified. That was not surprising dnsmasq-2.48 only supports IPv6 for dns.

If someone has some additional tests they would like run, please say so.

My recommendation: Incorporate my patches [when I finish the DHCPv6 one and resubmit the others]. Add (somewhere?) a warning to backporters that they will need to update their dnsmasq packages to actually do DHCPv6 but otherwise, earlier versions such as dnsmasq-2.48 will be compatible.

Comments?  Suggestions?


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