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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 0/5] VirtualBox version 4.2 support for libvirt vbox driver

On 11/12/12 18:03, Nedko Arnaudov wrote:
I've tried the patches (kindly applied by pkrempa to a virtualbox-4.2
git branch) against latest master and I was able to control machines
through virsh and virt-manager. I cannot open machines in virt-manager
but this is probably a virt-manager bug. I get:

Error launching details: 'VirtualVideoDevice' object has no attribute 'pretty_model'

The virtualbox-4.2 branch was at 09b43544c57c290ea3049612fd0058bea649b64f,
the five patches are applied on top of git master commit

I'm not experienced with libvirt, so my tests are probably not covering
the full functionality implemented in the driver. I can make additional
tests if I'm requested so.

As a note, that branch is not on the official repo, just in my private. If somebody else wants to try:

git fetch git://pipo.sk/pipo/libvirt.git virtualbox-4.2


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