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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 2/3] v7.1 add support for DHCPv6

On 11/22/2012 02:21 PM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
On 11/21/2012 04:18 PM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
The DHCPv6 support includes IPV6 dhcp-range and dhcp-host for one
IPv6 subnetwork on one interface.  This support will only work
if dnsmasq version >= 2.64; otherwise an error occurs if
dhcp-range or dhcp-host is specified.

Note that the check for dnsmasq version is performed at
network start and only then will an error condition occur.
Thus, it is possible to define/edit a network configuration
which will not start.  The error message indicates that
dnsmasq version 2.64 or later is required.

This patch provides the same DHCP support for IPv6 which
has been available for IPv4.

With dnsmasq >= 2.64, support for the RA service is now provided
by dnsmasq (radvd is no longer needed/used/started).

Documentation has been updated to reflect the new support.

Oops. I did not realize that there are schemas that should be updated. I have most of what is needed figured out but there are a couple of things not working cleanly. I should have a update patch submitted "real soon now".

Suggestion: add something to the developers guidance so that you check to make sure that the schemas are updated properly. I wonder if the tests would pass testing?

OK, I now have the schema for network (network.rng) so that it works as best I can figure for the changes involving IPv6.

1. I believe there is currently a bug in the schema involving specifying an IPv6 address for a dns host (the schema calls the IPv6 address an error). Changing "ipv4Addr" to "ipAddr" fixed things.

2. The other changes mostly involved changing "ipv4Addr" to "ipAddr".

3. For specifying a host under the IPv6 DHCP specification, I used the fact of the mac being ommitted as indicating IPv6 since the mac-address is not meaningful with respect to the IPv6 definition. For IPv6, for purposes of nailing a specific IPv6-address, the host name us used as the identifier. This works. but the schema gripped about it and called it an error until I wrapped the MAC specification in <optional> ... </optional>. This is not completely correct since it is not optional for a IPv4 specification but I did not know how to reflect this in the schema.

4. Some help here would be appreciated. One alternative would be to define a new thing called "host6" for IPv6 nailed host specification but that seemed to me to be overkill (and it still does).


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