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Re: [libvirt] Proposal: no dnsmasq (no dhcp and no dns) and no radvd option

On 11/26/2012 10:40 AM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
OK, enable= and log= will go in the <dns> element.

For, enableRA, it will go in any <ip family='ipv6">. If enableRA='yes' and if dhcp is specified for that element, the stateful RA will be configured. If enableRA='yes' (the default) and no dhcp is specified, then stateless RA is configured. If enableRA='no', no RA is configured for that subnet. If all ipv6 specifications have enableRA='no', then nether radvd will be started nor will dnsmasq be configured for RA.

If any IPv4 or IPv6 DHCP specification which includes log='yes', then log-dhcp will be specified for the interface.

When (hopefully not if) dnsmasq is changed to include log-ra to enable messages about RA sent to syslog and log-ra is added to --help, then any <IP family='ipv6' logRA='yes' ... /> will enable it for all IPv6 addresses on that interface.

If dns is disabled and there is no dhcp specification but RA is not disabled on all IPv6 specifications, then ??

It is not clear to me that dnsmasq could handle state-less RA if there is no dns and no dhcp specified. In fact, the way state-less RA is specified is with dhcp-range=<ipv6-address>,ra-only ... more testing!
On other thing ...

When a network specification is saved back to an xml file, should the default values of these new parameters be saved. I believe the answer is no. For example, <ip family='ipv4' is the default but is not saved as such.


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