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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv2 4/3] a last minute change I forgot to add

On 11/27/12 22:38, Laine Stump wrote:
I forgot that I was going to add in the following at the suggestion of
David Woodhouse (the original reporter of the CVE) in this comment
of the BZ:


It adds checking for the deprecated ("but still really useful")
FEC0::/10 range of IPv6 addresses.

I plan to squash the virsocketaddr.c change into 2/3, and the
bridge_driver.c change into 3/3 before pushing.


routable subnet "
                                   "(see CVE-2012-3411). You must either
upgrade dnsmasq, "
                                   "or use a private/local subnet range
for this network "
-                                 "(as described in RFC1918/RFC4193)."),
+                                 "(as described in
RFC1918/RFC3484/RFC4193)."), ipaddr,

Your mail client broke long lines into shorter ones but "patch" doesn't like that. Could you please repost either this diff using git send-email or the complete patch you're going to squash this in?

                                 (int)version / 1000000, (int)(version %
1000000) / 1000);
                  goto cleanup;


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