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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 1/2] qemu: Refactor config parameter retrieval

On 11/29/12 20:04, Eric Blake wrote:
This patch adds macros to help retrieve configuration values from
driver's configuration. Some configuration options are grouped
together in the process.
  src/qemu/qemu_conf.c | 303
  1 file changed, 73 insertions(+), 230 deletions(-)

Always fun to see refactoring that reduces code size.


+#define GET_VALUE_LONG(NAME, VAR) p = virConfGetValue(conf, NAME);

This feels like a long line; I'd format it slightly differently:

#define GET_VALUE_LONG(NAME, VAR)       \
     p = virConfGetValue(conf, NAME);    \

+                                  CHECK_TYPE(NAME, VIR_CONF_LONG);
+                                  if (p) VAR = p->l;

As long as you are refactoring, can you please split this line
into two:

if (p)   \
     VAR = p->l

per our coding conventions?

Ah yeah ... I was doing the conversions in a kind of braindead way.

+#define GET_VALUE_STR(NAME, VAR) p = virConfGetValue(conf, NAME);

Again, this feels like a lot of indentation; starting the first
line of the macro body after a continuation will get rid of a
lot of this whitespace.

+    /* increasing the value by 1 makes all the loops going through
+    the bitmap (i = remotePortMin; i < remotePortMax; i++), work as
+    expected. */
+    driver->remotePortMax += 1;

Why ' += 1' instead of the shorter '++'?

It was pre-existing but I'm touching the line anyways so I'll change that.

+    GET_VALUE_LONG("max_queued", driver->max_queued);
+    GET_VALUE_LONG("keepalive_interval", driver->keepAliveInterval);
+    GET_VALUE_LONG("keepalive_count", driver->keepAliveCount);
+    GET_VALUE_LONG("seccomp_sandbox", driver->seccompSandbox);

      return 0;

Should we add


at the end, since our macros are merely local helpers for this


ACK with nits addressed.

Pushed, thanks.

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