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Re: [libvirt] help

[Dropping libvirt-announce list]

On 05.08.2014 11:47, Himanshu Sharma wrote:
Dear Team,

I'm testing libvirt with VMware ESXi. I'm able to connect to VMware ESXi with libvirt driver but not able to connect it through "Virtual Machine manager" GUI also not able to run virt-clone command inturn to clone ESXi VM. Can you please guide me how to do so?

The virt-manager does not support ESX yet. It merely supports QEMU/KVM, XEN and LXC. And for the virt-clone issue:

1) "computer broken" is usually not much descriptive. Is there any error message you are seeing? What behavior are you experiencing?

2) virt tools have a separate mailing list:


Try asking there.

Usually it's considered bad practice to repeat your question every 5 minutes, crosspost it over several mailing lists (even libvirt-announce which is not user support channel but a low traffic list for announcements as it name suggests) or forward the e-mail that is irrelevant (Welcome to the list).


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