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Re: [libvirt] [GIT PULL] namespace updates for v3.17-rc1

Richard Weinberger <richard nod at> writes:

> Am 21.08.2014 08:29, schrieb Richard Weinberger:
>> Am 21.08.2014 06:53, schrieb Eric W. Biederman:
>>> The bugs fixed are security issues, so if we have to break a small
>>> number of userspace applications we will.  Anything that we can
>>> reasonably do to avoid regressions will be done.
>>> Could you please look at my user-namespace.git#for-next branch I have a
>>> fix for at least one regresion causing issue in there.  I think it may
>>> fix your issues but I am not fully certain more comments below.
>> I'll run this on my LXC testbed today.
> Looks good. With these patches applied libvirt works again. :)

Darn I read my email in the wrong order.  I am glad to hear that my
changes were enough to fix libvirt-lxc.

I will aim at pushing this to Linus after the conference is over and I
can trust myself to think clearly.


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