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Re: [libvirt] Proposition for the implementation of new features for Hyper-V driver

On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 12:38:17PM +0000, Adrien Kantcheff wrote:
> Dear libvirt developers,
> During my final student training in the French company Bull, with a
> previous student (Simon RASTELLO), we developed new features for
> Hyper-V driver.  For a project called OpenCloudware, our work was
> to bring new functionalities using libvirt API in order to do basic
> actions on virtual machines hosted on Hyper-V.
> You may be interested in pushing our developments in the official
> release.

It is great to hear that someone still has interest in developing
and working on the Hyper-V driver for libvirt !
> The libvirt driver already provides functions to enumerate and get
> WMI classes by sending WQL requests to WMI provider and also to
> call WMI class methods. For that last kind of communication, a
> method requires input parameters. There are two kinds of argument: 
> basic (integer, string...) and complex (objects, end point references,
> embedded instances). Actually, just the first argument passing mode
> is available with libvirt driver. But the second one is very useful
> because there is many WMI methods with complex types parameters,
> and for the moment it constraints developers to call WMI methods
> only with basic types parameters. So in order to expand WMI methods
> calls, we have implemented the second argument passing mode.
> Thanks to this new argument passing mode, we are available  to set
> new functionalities.


> Attach files contain sources and an pdf of our contributions.
> I'm ending my training this week but I'm available to answer any
> questions you may have. You can use my personal email:
> adrien kantcheff gmail com<mailto:adrien kantcheff gmail com>
> I also put in copy of this email my tutors Yves VINTER and Christian
> BOURGEOIS. Feel free to contact them as well.

I appreciate that your finishing your assignment shortly, but could I
perhaps ask you or a co-worker at Bull to create a short patch series
out of your changes and submit it for review with 'git send-email' ?

I would love to see the code improvements you've done included in libvirt
but we can't effectively review them when they are just provided as a
complete new source file, instead of as a patch series.

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