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Re: [libvirt] 1.2.0 segfault on Centos 6

On Tue, Feb 04, 2014 at 11:34:39AM -0700, Eric Blake wrote:
> On 02/04/2014 11:28 AM, Franky Van Liedekerke wrote:
> >> Are you in a position to bisect which libvirt patch introduced the
> >> problem?  It looks like our first use of qom-list was in 1.1.1, with
> >> commit d76a897.
> > 
> > Errr ... I don't really know what you mean with bisect ... but tell me
> > what to do, and I'll try my best tomorrow.
> 'git bisect' is a powerful driver that lets you do a binary search
> through git history to find which patch changed a particular behavior.
> If you are comfortable using git and building your own libvirt, I can
> help you come up with a command line to drive the test for looking for
> where this behavior started.

  I wonder if we should not add a small section on bugs.html.in about
how git bissect can help locating the bug and the simpler alternatives
like below:

> But even if you are not, it would be nice
> if you could test a build of libvirt 1.1.0 vs. libvirt 1.1.1; if my
> guess above was correct, 1.1.0 will not have the problem.  Or, if you
> are comfortable using gdb, it might be nice to step through program
> execution at the point where qemuMonitorJSONGetObjectListPaths returns
> failure because qemu didn't support the qom-list command.  And if not,
> the fact that you reported it means that one of the regular developers
> will hopefully have some time in the near future to further investigate,
> based on what we've learned so far.  At any rate, we should have a fix
> before releasing libvirt 1.2.2.

  3 weeks to find the problem and get a fix :-)


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