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Re: [libvirt] Compiling libvirt RPC client library for QNX

Thanks Roman for your response.

Few questions which are not answered in that link. As I mentioned, my
intent is to get only libvirt client library on QNX side not the whole
libvirt. The libvirt daemon will still be running on linux box. The QNX
machine will only be sending the request to define/start/destroy the
domain and would be interested in getting lifecycle event. In that case do
I need to compile whole libvirt which is down loaded or only subset of
that suffice ? If only subset is needed, what are those ?

Can you please pass me the link where I could get latest libvirt, as you
said 0.9.8 is quite old. JFYI, my linux box is running below host version
so I would need compatible libvirt.

Linux host OS : gcc version 4.4.1 (Wind River Linux Sourcery G++ 4.4a-341)

Ritesh Sharma

On 23/02/14 3:18 AM, "Roman Bogorodskiy" <bogorodskiy gmail com> wrote:

>  Panday Ritesh Sharma (rpanday) wrote:
>> HI Team,
>> I have downloaded the libvirt source  code from
>>files/libvirt_0.9.8.orig.tar.gz> . I just wanted libvirt RPC client
>>library to be compiled for QNX.
>> My remote box which is running QNX would like to establish libvirt
>>connection with linux box to launch virtual domains/VMs and would also
>>like to get lifecycle events.
>> Could you please let me know what all directory/files  I need to
>>compile which I have got from
>>files/libvirt_0.9.8.orig.tar.gz> ? While browsing through net I found
>>the files available under
>> src/util,
>> src/conf,
>> src/rpc,
>> src/remote,
>> are sufficient for client RPC library? Is this correct or I need to
>>include any other files ?  Is there any instruction or help available
>>which I can use to compile this library for QNX ?
>The instruction is available here:
>I'm not sure it compiles on QNX though.
>PS 0.9.8 is quite old, you could consider getting more recent version.
>Roman Bogorodskiy

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