[libvirt] [PATCH v3] vbox: add support for v4.2.20+ and v4.3.4+

Manuel VIVES manuel.vives at diateam.net
Mon Jan 20 09:04:06 UTC 2014


While working on adding virDomain*Stats support to the vbox driver, we
found bugs in the VirtualBox API C bindings. These bugs have been fixed
in versions 4.2.20 and 4.3.4.
However, the changes in the C bindings are incompatible with the 
and vbox_CAPI_v4_3.h files which are bundled in libvirt source code. This is 
why the
following patch adds vbox_CAPI_v4_2_20.h and vbox_CAPI_v4_3_4.h.

As stated by Matthias Bolte, the actual underlying problem here is that
libvirt assumes that VirtualBox API can only change between release versions
(4.2 -> 4.3), but we have a case here where it changed (or got fixed) between
minor versions (4.2.18 -> 4.2.20).

This patch makes the VBOX_API_VERSION represent the full API
version number (i.e 4002 => 4002000) so there are specific version
numbers for Vbox 4.2.20 (4002020) and 4.3.4 (4003004)

As the patch is too big for the mailing list, it is publicly available
at http://git-lab.diateam.net/cots/libvirt.git/ with the branch name

Manuel VIVES

- Changed the commit message for being more precise.
- Resend after freeze.

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