[libvirt] [Question] About ivshmemory device and slot number confliction.

Wangyufei (James) james.wangyufei at huawei.com
Tue Jan 28 09:17:46 UTC 2014


I want to use ivshmemory device which is supported by qemu, but libvirt does not support it. 
So I use qemu:commandline to make ivshmemory device in qemu command pass-through. 
But then hot-plug a virtio-net device failed. 
The reason is that a qemu:commandline pci device's slot number is assigned by qemu not libvirt.
And hot-plug device's slot is assigned by libvirt.
So it failed beacause of slot confliction.

I have two questions to ask:
1. Why libvirt does not support ivshmemory device? If libvirt intends to support it, when?
2. Can libvirt handle with qemu:commandline pci device's slot number? Just like pci:commandline to assign a slot number. what's your opinion?

Best Regards,

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