[libvirt] [PATCH 0/4] allow OVMF users to disable qemu's "-boot strict=on"

Laszlo Ersek lersek at redhat.com
Tue Jan 28 12:16:32 UTC 2014

On 01/28/14 12:54, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> Il 22/01/2014 13:40, Laszlo Ersek ha scritto:
>> (b)
>>   VenHw(C1E791A2-64CF-4B68-BDF1-1C31DABBDC84,0000131C00000000)/
>>   HD(1,GPT,2F972E52-F7E0-4504-9FE7-F60E66352266,0x800,0x32000)/
>>   \Image
>> This is the file called "Image", in the root directory of the filesystem
>> on the GPT hard disk partition identified by the HD() node, which can be
>> reached behind the Vendor Hardware device that corresponds to the GUID
>> and the rest of the binary garbage visible in the VenHw node.
>> In detail this happens to be a virtio-mmio block device whose register
>> range is mapped at 0x1C130000.
> This would probably be something like
> /virtio-mmio at 1c130000/disk at 0,0
> As a stopgap solution, you could keep the UEFI shell in the boot order
> if it is present in the UEFI boot order, even if the fw_cfg boot order
> includes HALT.

Indeed, this is precisely what I've called "recognizing and ignoring
HALT", and "the least wrong solution", elsewhere in this discussion.

I wanted people to state explicitly that this workaround in OVMF is
preferred to the libvirt patches. Now I can go forward and code it.

>  Would relative HD() paths still work?

Yes, they would. HALT will simply be considered "end of list".

Thank you!

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