[libvirt] [RFC][scale] new API for querying domains stats

Francesco Romani fromani at redhat.com
Fri Jul 4 16:44:07 UTC 2014

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> > However, a question here about bulk APIs.
> > One cornerstone of oVirt is shared storage (NFS, ISCSI...); another is
> > qemu/kvm,
> > and COW images are supported (probably even the default, need to check).
> > 
> > Due to storage being unavailable because a network outage, it happened that
> > virDomainGetBlockInfo blocked beyond recover.
> > 
> > On such scenarios, how will a bulk API behave? There will be a timeout or
> > something else?
> It depends on the storage and the way it is configured. If NFS is mounted
> with 'hard' + 'nointr' any call libvirt makes to dead storage will get
> stuck in an uninterruptable sleep in kernel space. There's no way for
> libvirt to time out since by the very definition of 'hard' mount option
> it does not time out. If you mount with 'soft' then the calls libvirt
> makes will time out.

My bad, I worded poorly my question.

What I mean is: on top of what the kernel or QEMU (libnfs, libiscsi) does,
there are plans for any additional mechanism/safeguard?
(I guess no, I'm asking just to be sure).

VDSM already uses soft mount for NFS (need to check what we do for ISCSI and
the other supported storage).

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