[libvirt] guest-fsfreeze-freeze: Does it allow for any guest-fsfreeze_hook in Windows guest machine.

Puneet Bakshi bakshi.puneet at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 10:02:57 UTC 2014


When guest agent command "guest-fsfreeze-freeze" is invoked on a linux VM,
a hook is provided to do execute any pre-script before actually doing a

int64_t qmp_guest_fsfreeze_freeze(Error **errp)
    execute_fsfreeze_hook(FSFREEZE_HOOK_FREEZE, &local_err);

Can the same thing be done in case of Windows guest machine? I could not
find similar thing in case of Windows
("qga_vss_fsfreeze()->requester_freeze()") where I can put a script (a
hook) to do some preprocessing.

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